Class Actions


Recent Developments and Trends in Section 1782 Discovery

The world of cross-border litigation is exploding and with it comes the emergence of parallel international litigation. Because the U.S. financial institution touches so many parts of the world, forei ... Read more


The business of asset recovery, litigation and arbitration is growing, especially with the infusion of private equity capital into these realms. Litigations and asset recovery cases have become invest ... Read more

Must I abide by an agreement made by attorney with the judge?

Q: I was named as a respondent in a court case. My attorney and petitioner’s attorney had a private meeting with the judge behind closed doors. My attorney agreed that I would consent to my moth ... Read more

I want to sue 2 real estate agents who brought me an “ideal tenant.”

Q: Both agents (my agent and tenant’s agent) knew that a tenant was being evicted from another condo in my building because they had placed him in it a few months before. He was locked out of th ... Read more

Can I be sued by the former cult I was a member of?

Q: I was a member of a cult for decades. They practice shunning and have split up many families over the years. I have created a website to warn potential visitors and current members about the church ... Read more

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