Class Actions


Sweet James is Anything But In Accusing Rival Firm of Brand Theft

On April 24, 2020, a leading personal injury law firm in Southern California brought a suit against a rival firm based in Beverly Hills for stealing and misusing its registered “Sweet James&#822 ... Read more

Easily file with Indiana courts.

Ever since 2018 you are now able to start a lawsuit by filing electronically. All Indiana courts will help you and provide access to a court case management system, e-filing service providers, and e-f ... Read more

Motor Vehicle Negligence Results in $14K Verdict

In this motor vehicle negligence matter, the plaintiff contended that her vehicle was struck in the rear by another vehicle which was uninsured. The defendant, the plaintiff’s uninsured motorist ... Read more

Premise Liability Case Results in $25K Gross Jury Verdict

The plaintiff leased a basement apartment from the defendants. The plaintiff alleged that as she was descending the stairs, she slipped and fell. The plaintiff maintained that the defendants renovated ... Read more

Premise Liability Case in R.I. Results in $125K Jury Verdict

The plaintiff, a two-year-old female, claimed she suffered lead poisoning, which resulted in permanent neuro-psychological disorders, brain damage, cognitive deficits, and learning and intellectual de ... Read more

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